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No accounting needed: Blackhawks emergency goalie Scott Foster greatest ever

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Barring any unforeseen event, Scott Foster will retire as the best NHL goalie of all-time… in save percentage. It doesn’t get much better than 100 percent.

The 36-year-old accountant by day came in with just over 14 minutes left after Chicago Blackhawks goaltender Anton Forsberg was injured during practice and Collin Delia, who was starting his first game in the NHL, went down in the third period.

Nobody could have predicted what happened next. While Delia played well before getting hurt it was Foster who won over the crowd. He went on to stop all 7 shots he faced and earned No. 1 star of the game honors while the United Center chanted his name.

It was one of the few times in his entire life where Coach Q let out a hearty laugh. “Who is this guy?!”

The Winnipeg Jets, who were on a six-game winning streak, have clinched a playoff spot and are second in the Western Conference with 104 points. They have a number of dangerous offensive players who were no match for Foster’s beer-league goalie style.

Paul Stastny? Child’s play. Big Dustin Byfuglien? Get off me, little boy! Mr. second in the league in goals Patrik Laine? Step aside and make way for the Foster train.

It was a great story in an otherwise forgettable year of hockey for the Blackhawks. Maybe even more impressive than the performance was Foster’s post-game interviews.

“I’m an accountant by day. So a few hours ago I was sitting on my computer typing on the 10-key, and now I’m standing in front of you guys [having] just finished 14 and a half minutes of NHL hockey,” Foster said per Mark Lazerus of the Chicago Sun-Times.

From crunching numbers to stopping pucks.

Foster definitely saved the Blackhawks on the ice but maybe after the season he can help them with their financials and get the salary cap situation under control.

Scott Foster-chicago blackhawks-nhl 19-emergency goalieThe only downside to this story is that now every player in every men’s league thinks they can be the next Scott Foster. However, in a way, that might not be such a bad thing.

After all of this hype though Foster will be “back at his desk in the morning.” Though this will most likely be the only time he sees the ice in an NHL game, it’s something that can’t be taken away from him.

“From my perspective, this is a dream regardless,” Foster said according to Tracey Myers of “This is something that no one can ever take away from me, its’ something I can go home and tell my kids and they can tell their friends and whatnot. So it wouldn’t matter from my perspective. Just a ton of fun and a lot of good memories.”

Hopefully, we see a Scott Foster NHL 19 cover sometime soon.

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