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Curses and Champions Ep. 7 – Bears 2018 NFL Draft Preview

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The latest episode of the Curses and Champions podcast is all about the Bears draft. Matt Gentile, Ryan Wooden and Darren Zaitlen discuss the team’s needs and preview potential players that could be available at No.8. Could the Bears trade up or down? The guys delve into any or all scenarios. Also, did you know the Bears are getting another first-round pick this year when Kevin White returns?… we’ll show ourselves out.

Show highlights:
  • 0:47 – Thoughts on the Cam Meredith situation.
  • 7:05 – Where does Bennie Fowler fit in?
  • 12:43 – Bears biggest need in the draft.
  • 17:50 – Where should the receiver position be addressed?
  • 24:59 – Ripple effect teams ahead of the Bears could have on the first round.
  • 31:59 – Ideal players to take at No. 8 and scenarios for when to trade down or up.

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